**CORRECTION to 2011 publication

by Alyssa on 04.11.11

Our apologies to Jessi Goodell, whose name mistakenly appears as Jessica Olson in the 2011 publication.

Jessi was instrumental in getting the 2011 journal to be a success. She has worked diligently editing the literature submissions and been involved in the behind the scenes running of the organization.

2011 Literature Winners- Congratulations!

by Alyssa on 03.19.11
Jane Anderson Rock Star Villanelle Poetry 3rd Place
Alex Olson Seasonal Run
Alex Olson Cat Nap
Andrew Petrun 12 Years Fiction 1st Place
Andrew Petrun Untitled
Graham Robillard Self Control
Jonathan Bandy It is Red
Kelli Fox Curiosity
Kelli Fox Time
Kimberly Kadlec Forbidden
Lareyna Ness Chicken Biryani and Love Poetry 1st Place
Lareyna Ness Room of Cares Poetry HM
Lauryn Seering Bastardized Dependency
Matthew Roskowski Joyous Rapture Poetry 2nd Place
Sean Omara Rainbow Colored Blood
Sean Omara Losing Myself Fiction HM
Tiffany Willits Daydream


This is a list of prize winners (selected by Eng. Dept. faculty) & pieces selected for inclusion by Prometheus’ editorial team.

Please attend the reception at the Furlong Gallery Friday April 8th 3-5pm. Food and refreshments will be available. Feel free to bring family. The first copies of the 2011 journal will be revealed at this time- get your copy hot off the press!


2010-2011 theme: PATTERNS

by Alyssa on 11.26.10

Patterns might often be thought of simply as visual arrangements, constructed with the idea of repetition in mind. But patterns transcend that definition. They have the potential to encompass human existence, to distill our lives in to a recognizable and decipherable form. Pattern is organization, a system, or a framework for understanding our experiences, individually and on a societal level. Consider patterns in your own experiences or patterns as they affect your approach to creative endeavors.